SoundWaves Health Clinic July Update

“The number of men diagnosed with prostate cancer has increased since the introduction of the Prostate Specific Antigen test. Widespread use of the PSA test has led to more men undergoing biopsies, surgery, radiation therapy, even castration – despite the fact that no randomised clinical trial has ever demonstrated that screening and treatment will increase […]

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Before you start reading, please see our introductory July BLOG as the background behind this article. There are quite a few fearful ideas regarding Prostate Cancer. First we’ll look at some of the most often quoted: 1:  Only elderly men get prostate cancer…. No: Although this condition rarely occurs in men under 40, it can


Still Getting Mammograms?

Radiologists often rely on specialized “CAD” computer software to find suspicious  areas in mammograms. But studies also reveal that the technology has failed to improve breast cancer detection. In fact, it increases a woman’s  risk of getting a “false positive” result and being told she has an abnormal mammogram when she’s actually cancer-free. The study

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Identify cause of ADHD and ADD symptoms

The prolific diagnosis of ADHD and ADD has caused countless children to rely on chemicals – resulting in various side-effects, particularly with long-term use according to SoundWaves Health Clinic. Many parents are now desperately searching for new ways of dealing with the symptoms. Scientific research shows that Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc deficiencies often cause typical

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