Cancer and the many natural ways of preventing/treating this illness.

We’re kicking off our NEW BLOG with a topic that is known for sowing dread and fear: CANCER.

During August and September 2019 Charl and I were able to attend a few of Longridge Estate’s (Stellenbosch) Monday evening gatherings, focusing on Cancer and the many natural ways of preventing/treating this illness. So many facets came to the fore during those weeks: people spoke of the fear they felt when hearing the dreaded diagnosis; shared their experiences with conventional oncology treatment; while others spoke of the various natural treatments they had used successfully in their fight against cancer.

Without diminishing the work of those medical professionals who deal sincerely and honestly with their cancer patients, we believe there is a plethora of information out in the open (thank you, Internet!) enabling all of us to do our own research especially on cancer, before making a life-changing choice (that very often is not a life-saving choice.)
Our aim is to help you gain information, hoping it will enable you to start making informed decisions about your own body. We hope the information we’ll be sharing here will inspire you to start asking questions when faced with a dreaded diagnosis; to have the courage to say, “I’d like to consult a second opinion before you start treatment”; “I’d like to think about this before subjecting myself to oncological treatment”.

We’re starting with the Number 1 cancer that usually receives the most attention: Breast Cancer. This is the attention grabber that gets the most publicity: The “Pink Ribbon” with all the attached events running at intervals to “raise money” for “cancer research”, generating billions each year. And yet….the elusive “cure” escapes all the best brains in the medical world….
To find out how cancer (and “mammograms”!) can be dealt with in a natural, safe, non-invasive way, please read our 1 particular article of Feb 2017/2018: “Sound Energy – Medicine of the future.”

You may also read an extract from an article by Christie Aschwanden, on the dangers of mammograms.

What if everything your doctor told you about Breast Cancer was wrong?

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