Our Mission

Are you tired of riding the merry-go-round of expensive medication and scans; the discomfort and indignities of a mammogram, “Pap” smear, or prostrate check? Worn-out by all those blood, urine and other tissue samples? Still suffering from symptoms apparently immune to your medication or other remedies?

Imagine you could detect diabetes, cancer/tumour, a cardiovascular or any other disease – at the onset, even before conventional diagnostics could. Imagine you could stop that looming illness in its tracks. Imagine you could do this without invasive, uncomfortable tests, then having to wait in suspense for the lab results. Imagine you could have a complete body scan, right down to your DNA, chromosomes or genes, in 1 location: no discomfort, no one touching you, no one taking a sample from any body part.

Imagine you could take pro-active control of your own health!

Welcome to the wonderful world of SoundWaves Health Clinic, headed by Charl and Anne-Marie de Villiers in Gordon’s Bay.

As Bio Resonance therapists we are in the privileged position to present a healthy, non-invasive, non-artificial alternative to conventional (chemical) medicine – based on 1 scientific, proven fact: RESONANT FREQUENCY.

This simply means that every single object you can think of vibrates at a very specific, unique frequency (sound wave). Fact is, technology enabling us to implement this has been developing since the mid-20th century!

The countless frequencies at which viruses/bacteria, tumours, organs etc. become deactivated/destroyed have been mathematically determined many decades ago. Therefore we can treat medical conditions by pulsing the exact frequencies (sound waves) into the body, tracing and killing viruses, bacteria – even tumours!

We offer new hope for healing in a world where viruses/bacteria are mutating faster than new antibiotics can be developed.

Moreover: we do not only deal with physical health conditions and diseases. Our Frequency Therapy helps to heal emotional issues, i.e. depression, anxiety and many more. This demonstrates the inextricable bond between body and mind – the one always influences the other.


– TED. SpE. SpD. – University of Pretoria, University of Potchefstroom

– Dip.  Energy Medicine and Bio Resonance – Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine

– Certificate of Completion: Masters Class Level 5 – ISHA Quantum Metaphysics of Non Linear Systems

– Accredited member of: SARTA (South African Resonance Therapy Association); CCNZ (Cancer Clinic of New Zealand); ISHA (International School of Healing Arts).

– Currently working toward my Doctorate in the diverse field of Bio Energy Medicine.

I am a born and bred “Bolander”, growing up in Stellenbosch where my father was Dean of Forestry Faculty at University of Stellenbosch (aka ”Prof PC”.) while my mother was home-keeper and Stellenbosch “society lady”.

Influenced by my parents I started out teaching and at 26 became the youngest School Principal in the country. In time, my keen medical interest drew me more and more toward the multifaceted aspects of Education for the Disabled. This included Physical Disability, Mental Retardation, Deafness, Genetics, Fingerprints and Epilepsy. I also became active within SANEL (South African League for Epileptics).

During the mid-1980’s I became involved in setting up the Kayelitsha Noluthando School for the Deaf, which we (the school staff and local inhabitants) literally built up – brick by brick! Driving down the N2 to Cape Town it always warms my heart to see that spread of buildings still standing, still operational. I might add, however, that during my 10 years there – before and after 1994 – more than once I had stared down the barrel of an AK47 aimed at me and our teaching staff in those very turbulent times!

Yet my fascination with all things medical – specifically the technology – never left me. And so, some 20 odd years ago, I stumbled upon the fascinating, revolutionary field of Sound Wave (Bio Resonance) Therapy. This discovery just opened up a whole new world to me and I knew: this is what I want to do with my life. With the help of an engineering friend I built a machine (you can see it at our consulting rooms!) Still working full-time then, my afternoons and evenings were occupied by the free treatments I offered to family and friends. I was absolutely thrilled at the countless positive results that flowed from these sessions. For instance: One elderly lady got rid of severe cataracts after a series of treatments, and to this day I still recall her joy at being able to see normally again.  Since then I have persisted in keeping up with research and developments in this field.

My wife passed away while we were living in Pretoria, and in 2010 I married Anne-Marie. She got hooked into my interest and soon we were upgrading and expanding the equipment, acquiring some very sophisticated machinery. This enabled me to not only treat people with the latest technology, but also to scan them whereas before, I could only treat symptoms – based on medical diagnosis.

Relocating to Gordon’s Bay in 2012 and intending to enjoy our retirement years, Anne-Marie and I concluded that we were sitting on information that just has to be shared. People need to know they have choices when it comes to taking care of their own health; that there are safer, healthier options to conventional methods. And so we started inviting friends and neighbours for free scanning and treatment demonstrations, just to show them what we can do and how frequencies operate.

Well, the results were so astoundingly positive that word of mouth started to spread like wildfire! We had to start keeping a diary as bookings started to flood in from people referred to us. The hobby was fast becoming a proper business!

By 2015 we knew we had to find business premises; establish a title; develop a logo – operate as a proper business concern.  So on 11 January 2016 we formally opened our doors at Old Cape Mall in Gordon’s Bay. On that day we hit the ground running – and we haven’t stopped yet!


– B.A.; UED – University of Pretoria (Majors: Afrikaans; German)

Born and bred in Durban, I left home to study in Pretoria. After my degree, I completed the post-graduate UED to qualify as a teacher. Teaching languages at high (secondary) schools, I soon realised that this was not my true calling. After about 2 years altogether, I resigned from teaching.

Meanwhile I had started doing local amateur theatre work in Pretoria which I truly enjoyed.

I passed a voice audition at the SABC/SAUK and soon was acting in Afrikaans radio theatre. This led to my getting a weekly morning slot as announcer in the Pretoria regional studios of the Afrikaans Radio Service.

After relocating to Johannesburg I began reading news on Radio Highveld, acting in numerous Springbok Radio “soapies”, and getting my own “Late Night Date with Anne-Marie” on Saturday evenings from half past 8 until midnight – live!

When TV finally arrived in South Africa, I began translating German, British and American films and TV series for the new dubbing department of TV1. Being a voice actress, I was also the voice of numerous “dubbed” characters in many of these productions.

From there I stepped over to TV broadcasting. Passing my auditions, I became part of the 1st generation on-camera Continuity Announcers on Afrikaans TV, as Anne-Marie van Rensburg (my professional name since I started out in radio).

All in all I spent about 10 years (mid-70’s to mid-80’s) at the SABC, enjoying every moment!

In 2005 my late husband was diagnosed with “lung cancer”. On the day he was diagnosed we were informed that, unfortunately, this cancer cannot be “cured”. Doctors can treat symptoms as they appear. It sounded so comforting – especially when various ailments started to plague him later on, and we were assured it was not the cancer making him ill; it was “just” the bronchitis, stomach problem, or whatever else.

We did the usual round of radiation and chemotherapy. At first he insisted on driving, but eventually I had to chauffeur him to the treatment centre. We clung to “hope” based on the apparent shrinking of the “cancer” spots. We were not given any information on what a cancer patient may or may not eat/drink; we were not instructed on any special diet; we were not warned that sugar is very bad for a cancer patient. We very definitely were not encouraged to seek any alternative than conventional oncological therapy.

We were running a very successful business, my husband being the kingpin. So 1 day I asked the oncologist for a “guestimate” of how much time my husband had left, according to her experience and my husband’s condition. She replied, “About 2 years”. (Of course I know that nobody can precisely predict anything in this situation, but I was hoping for a “ball park” figure which could give our family and the business an indication of the time we had to prepare for the ending.) So I was filled with hope that our family still had time to spend together, at least.

3 weeks later my husband fell into a coma and passed away. My sons and I had watched as he rapidly wasted away, the bottle of morphine provided by the oncologist on the bedside table. We had no inkling of any alternative treatment for cancer; we never questioned the diagnosis. We never knew that chemo, radiation and morphine eat away at the flesh, causing the typical skeletal appearance.

Small wonder then that I was utterly fascinated by this “other” way of treatment that Charl introduced me to! I also very much regretted that I hadn’t known this when my late husband was diagnosed. We could have followed a different treatment route then, if only someone had told us about Frequency Therapy…

Once Charl and I got married we started sourcing more and more sophisticated equipment to look after our own health and that of our families. As my interest and knowledge grew, I became more convinced that people need information to make informed choices – especially regarding cancer.