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Welcome to SoundWaves Health Clinic

 “the Sound Pathway to Sound Health”!

Science has proven that every single object in the universe vibrates and resonates with its distinctive sound – its unique, natural frequency. This includes all organisms, as well as viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Modern technology now enables us to apply the correct relevant frequencies (sound waves) to scan and treat illness; kill viruses and parasites; and, most significantly, allow early detection of cancers and tumours!

With a track record of about 26 years’ experience, Charl de Villiers together with his wife Anne-Marie, are passionate about helping people discover “the Sound Pathway to Sound Health” at SoundWaves Health Clinic!

  • What is Frequency?

    As you know, a singer can break a glass when singing at a certain pitch. This happens because that frequency matches the natural frequency of the glass – and shatters it.

    Frequencies are mysterious elements:  invisible to the naked eye, yet present in every object – human, animal, plant, or rock; bodily organs, bacteria, viruses…indeed: they are a part of every single thing that has been created. Today, technology even enables us to hear the beautiful “songs” generated by the vibrations – frequencies – of planets and stars resonating throughout the universe!

  • Understanding Frequency Therapy

    Modern technology has sped up the process of classifying and cataloguing innumerable frequencies of viruses, bacteria, toxins, tumours etc. With the correct equipment they can be targeted and destroyed by using the correct frequencies.

  • How is Bio resonance relevant to Frequency Therapy?

    Have you ever observed the sonar image of an unborn baby?  Do you know that sonar systems guide submarines underwater (the so-called “ping”)? Have you used a mobile phone? Then you can understand how this particular form of therapy works! The basis of this totally natural treatment is simple: every object (human, animal, animate and inanimate) emits its very own unique frequency. If you have a virus or parasite in your body the machine reads its frequency, identifies it, and kills it.

  • How does Bioresonance Frequency Therapy work?

    Specially-designed headphones conduct the frequencies (i.e. sound waves) into your body via our cutting-edge NLS Bioplasm Systems (4D + Hunter). In this way we can scan and treat any part of your body – top to toe! Best of all: there’s no pain; no discomfort; no human touch; no embarrassing invasion of your body; no radiation; no chemicals!

    Your body is scanned to detect viruses, parasites, heavy metals, chemical imbalances, tumours, glandular and other disorders. Our scanner can determine how long a condition, disease or tumour has been lurking inside your body; also how serious it is. A schedule of treatment is set up, depending on the scan results. This method can help you to take proactive and preventative control – not only of your own health, but also that of your family.

  • Bioresonance (Frequency) Treatment

    NLS Bio Resonance equipment has been medically approved and certified. It is successfully and extensively being used in selected hospitals, universities, and medical facilities world-wide, as well as in South Africa.

    A few examples of what the NLS System can diagnose and treat: Osteo-Skeletal System (Bones, Joints, Muscles, etc.), Lymphatic System, Lymph Nodes, Vascular System (Coronary Arteries, Veins, Capillaries), Nervous System (Brain, Spinal Cord, Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland), Urogenital System (Kidney, Bladder, Ovaries, Uterus, Prostate), Respiratory System (Lungs, Trachea, Bronchi, etc.), Digestive System (Stomach, Intestines, Oesophagus, Liver, etc.), Endocrine System (Thyroid, Adrenal Glands, etc.), Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Parasites, Blood Components, Hormones, Enzymes, Allergens; Environmental Toxins, Food, Herbs, Homeopathic, Pharmaceuticals, etc.

The Scan and Treatment Process

SoundWaves Health Clinic, located in the picturesque Old Cape Mall in Gordon’s Bay, has through the years proven Frequency Therapy as a scientific system of treatment without medication. Before your scan your Bio-resonance Therapist, Charl de Villiers, will explain the procedure.  Our amazing Hunter NLS Scanning System offers you this 3-fold benefit:


Our Foundational Scan examines every system in your body, even your eyes, skin, teeth, hair etc. Early detection is especially crucial for successful treatment in the case of a life-threatening disease or tumour. If necessary, we scan your chromosomes; DNA; genes; cell walls; nucleus of a cell; even your mitochondria!


We start at the source, not the symptoms, with no meds, no discomfort. Our system can identify and eliminate the origin of a disease or condition, whereas conventional medicine treats symptoms. After the Foundational Scan Charl will analyse the data and arrange a follow-up session to discuss the results and recommended treatment options.


Based on the results of the scan a treatment plan will be structured to best suit your health.


Tradition has brainwashed people to accept chemically- produced medication and/or surgery as the only remedy for all types of illness. BUT this simply is not true. In fact, the medical/pharmaceutical environment can’t keep up with the rapid spread of viruses that keep mutating, while becoming resistant to existing antibiotics/medicines.

Finally: Early detection and identification of the root cause of a symptom is crucial. It is useless to treat any health problem if the cause is not dealt with!

  • What do we offer at SoundWaves Health Clinic?

    Learn more about scans and treatments.


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  • Full Body ScanFull Body Scan
  • Feedback ConsultationFeedback Consultation
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  • In-house/Contact Mode - Charl will conduct scan and treatment with specialized equipment such as, tens pads, cold laser and specialized headphones.

    Available Suite 6, Old Cape Mall, 33 Beach Road, Gordon’s Bay

  • Full Body ScanR2250.00
  • Feedback ConsultationR500.00
  • Treatment R500.00
  • Distance/Remote - Local

  • Distance/Remote - Virtual consultation with Charl as well as nail clippings in order to conduct scans and treatment

    Only applicable to South Africa and neighbouring countries

  • Full Body ScanR2350.00
  • Feedback ConsultationR550.00
  • Treatment R650.00
  • Distance/Remote - International

  • Distance/Remote - Virtual consultation with Charl as well as nail clippings in order to conduct scans and treatment

    Available Worldwide

  • Full Body ScanR2450.00
  • Feedback ConsultationR600.00
  • Treatment R750.00