Bio Resonance (Frequency) Therapy Explained

Have you ever witnessed a sonar image of an unborn baby or used a cell phone? Do you know that sonar systems guide submarines underwater (the so-called “ping”)? Then you will understand how this particular form of therapy works!

The basis of this totally natural treatment is simple: every object (human, animal, animate and inanimate) emits its very own unique frequency. If you have a virus or parasite in your body the machine reads that frequency, identifies and kills it.

By wearing a special pair of headphones, frequencies (i.e. soundwaves) are conducted to your body via a 3D NLS Bioplasm System, using cutting-edge technology, to scan and treat any part of your body – top to toe. Best of all – there is no pain or discomfort; no embarrassing physical invasion of your body; no radiation; no chemicals; no human touch.

The 3D NLS Bioplasm System allows you to take proactive and preventative control of your health – of your life. First of all, your body is scanned to detect viruses, parasites, heavy metals, chemical imbalances, tumours, glandular and other disorders. A schedule of treatment is then set up, depending on the outcomes of a scan.

Bioresonance Therapy can even run a blood or bone marrow test; read the condition of your eyes, ears, teeth, nails, skin  – in fact: thousands of conditions and diseases can be traced and treated.

An added bonus is that this particular system offers you the benefit of having a “mammogram”, “pap” smear, or prostate check-up, without any person or instrument touching you! It is totally non-invasive, non-chemical, painless and without any discomfort. All you have to do is sit back and relax.

There is yet another unique benefit to your personal healthcare!

The Russian Space Program developed a system predicting the physical condition of their astronauts while in space, 3 to 5 years ahead.

This research trickled down to NASA, and finally landed up in the global Bioresonance Therapy arena.
This means that the 3D NLS Bioplasm System can pinpoint how long you have had a specific condition, disease or tumour; and also how serious or critical it is.


Our scanners IDENTIFY & TREAT all of these – and many more!

Osteo-Skeletal System

(Bones, Joints, Muscles, etc.)

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Lymphatic System

(Lymph Nodes)

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Vascular System

(Coronary Arteries, Veins, Capillaries)

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Nerve System

(Brain, Spinal Cord, Hypothalamus, Pituitary Gland)

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Urinary System

(Kidney, Bladder, Ovaries, Uterus, Prostate)

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Respiratory System

(Lungs, Trachea, Bronchi etc.)

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Digestive System

(Stomach, Intestines, Oesophagus, Liver etc.)

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Endocrine System

(Thyroid, Adrenal Glands, etc.)

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Bacteria, Fungi, Viruses, Parasites

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Blood Components, Hormones, Enzymes

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Allergens; Environmental Toxins

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The following material is assembled from various sources freely available. It is not intended as a comprehensive study of Anatomy, Biology, Endocrinology or any other medical field.


We offer a 1 hour Full Body Scan which includes assessment of the following:

– Osteo-Skeletal System (Bones, Joints, Muscles etc.)

– Blood & Lymphatic System (Lymph Nodes)

– Cardio-Vascular System (Heart, Coronary Vessels, Arteries, Veins, Capillaries)

– Nerve System (Brain, Spinal Cord)

– Urogenital System (Kidney, Bladder, Ovaries, Uterus, Prostate)

– Respiratory System (Lungs, Trachea, Bronchi etc.)

– Digestive System (Stomach, Intestines, Oesophagus, Liver etc.)

– Endocrine System (Thyroid, Adrenal Glands etc.)

– Blood Components, Hormones, Enzymes

– Sensor (Eyes Skin)

– Locomotive System (skeleton, muscles, joints)

Full Body Scan: R2200.00 | Scan Feedback Consultation R450-00 | Treatment: 1 hour sessions @ R450-00 each

Prices may vary without prior notice, Please see Terms & Conditions