Urinary System

Facts & Functions

The urinary (renal) system produces, stores and eliminates urine – the fluid waste excreted by the kidneys. The kidneys make urine by filtering wastes and surplus water from blood. Urine travels from the kidneys through two thin tubes called ureters and fills the bladder. When the bladder is full, a person urinates through the urethra to eliminate the waste.

The urinary system is susceptible to a variety of infections and other problems, including blockages and injuries.

Diseases & Disorders

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) occurs when bacteria enter the urinary tract. It can affect the urethra, bladder or kidneys. Though UTI is more common in women, it can also occur in men.

Incontinence – a common disorder of the urinary system. It may be the result of a vaginal delivery and a resultant pelvic prolapse, causing leakage; an overactive bladder; or a matter of overflow, when the bladder is not completely emptied.

Interstitial Cystitis (IC) – “painful bladder syndrome” – is a chronic bladder condition, primarily in women, that causes pressure and pain in the bladder or even in the pelvis. It can scar the bladder and make it less elastic. Many people with this condition also have a defect in their epithelium (the protective lining of the bladder).

Prostatitis – a swelling of the prostate gland in men. Often caused by advanced age, symptoms include urinary urgency and frequency, pelvic pain, and pain during urination. (This condition is often confused with cancer.)

Kidney stones – clumps of calcium oxalate forming anywhere in the urinary tract, when chemicals in the urine become concentrated enough to form a solid mass, causing pain in the back and sides, and blood in the urine.

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Kidney (Renal) Failure – can either be a temporary (often acute) condition, or become chronic. This means the kidneys lose the ability to filter waste from the blood.

Diabetes and hypertension can cause chronic kidney disease, whereas acute cases may be caused by some kind of trauma. Renal disease may lead to chronic kidney failure, which may require dialysis treatments or even a kidney transplant.

Bladder cancer – more frequent in (elderly) men. Symptoms include:

– Back or pelvic pain
– Difficulty urinating
– Urgent and/or frequent urination

It often mimics other diseases or disorders of the urinary system.

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The following material is assembled from various sources freely available. It is not intended as a comprehensive study of Anatomy, Biology, Endocrinology or any other medical field.