Digital Imaging with SoundWaves Health Clinic

What is this – and what is the connection with SoundWaves Health Clinic?

THIS is the latest addition to our health care arsenal – spearheading “Remote” natural health care.

If you’ve seen our “Remote Treatment” article, you know that for several years now we have been scanning and treating people all over the world, without them being present. (The DNA sample /nail clippings method). The present world-wide pandemic lockdowns have shaken all of us out of our comfort zones; have forced all of us to adapt to the unexpected challenges to our previous ways of thinking, of working.

And this is exactly where Digital Imaging comes into SoundWaves Health Clinic!

Without making this too technical, let’s try to break it down into a few basics:

A digital image is a digitally encoded representation of the visual characteristics of an object … (e.g. a person’s facial features). Such a digital photo can be copied repeatedly without losing any image quality.

When you photograph a face with a digital camera (or a smartphone), light* from that face zooms into the camera lens. This incoming light* hits the inner sensor chip, which breaks it up into millions of pixels. (Pixels are the multitude of tiny square picture elements forming the image.) The sensor measures the colour and brightness of each pixel and stores it as a number – which becomes reproduced as a photo. The combination of these pixels is unique to that person’s face.

[*Light = energy/vibrations/frequencies. Bearing in mind that all created things have their own unique frequencies, it means that each face consists of its own unique frequencies – captured digitally in the form of a combination of pixels – your unique combination of pixels/frequencies.]

To scan or treat you in your absence we insert the digital photo print into our specialized “Black Box”. Your image’s pixels are immediately transformed into scalar waves – operating at 1 and a half times the speed of light. The scalar waves capture that image and transmit it into space to find the corresponding source (you). As soon as that happens, the connection between machine and patient is established, and work can proceed – wherever you are.

A simplified way of picturing this process: (courtesy of Tutorialspoint)

So: no more waiting for DNA samples to be delivered before we can scan or treat you. Simply send us your digital photo, from your smartphone to ours!