SoundWaves Health Clinic July Update

“The number of men diagnosed with prostate cancer has increased since the introduction of the Prostate Specific Antigen test. Widespread use of the PSA test has led to more men undergoing biopsies, surgery, radiation therapy, even castration – despite the fact that no randomised clinical trial has ever demonstrated that screening and treatment will increase the life expectancy of men diagnosed with prostate cancer.”

Considering the above statement, this month we’d like to pay attention to something unique to men. We encourage all men (and their loved ones!) to take another look at this disease – and find hope.

The following  article on Prostate Cancer does not aspire to be a medical dissertation on this topic. However, at our practice we’ve so often seen men in despair because of this diagnosis – only to discover through our scan that it was not cancer but something else, e.g. Prostatitis. After a few Frequency sessions the condition had cleared up and they were able to carry on living without fear. Regular check-ups with us help them to keep an eye on their long-term health.

Lastly: all conditions and symptoms mentioned in the article (including the dreaded prostate check) are dealt with in a natural, safe, non-invasive manner at SoundWaves Health Clinic.

You need sound information to make sound choices!