Taking a short break in Europe

We have exciting news to share! Charl and I are departing for a month in Europe, and so our consulting rooms in Gordon’s Bay will be closed from 26 Feb until we reopen on 1 April 2020. We really are looking forward to this break; we aim to recharge our own batteries and return fully loaded and refreshed, ready to help you along the road to good health.

What’s significant about this trip is that Charl has been invited to speak at the Schoenstatt Institute in Glasgow, Scotland. He will discuss all aspects of our work (i.e. both our In-house AND Distance work). Once he starts demonstrating,  there are sure to be quite a few volunteers from the audience!

Our Distance/Remote work especially has enabled us to help many more people than just those who can visit us within the confines of our In-house hours.  People all over the world are not only turning back to natural health care but are grabbing at this “next level” of sophisticated, scientific natural health care: that we scan and treat them – wherever they are in the world. We are privileged to have this opportunity to spread the news personally in Glasgow!