Identify cause of ADHD and ADD symptoms

The prolific diagnosis of ADHD and ADD has caused countless children to rely on chemicals – resulting in various side-effects, particularly with long-term use according to SoundWaves Health Clinic. Many parents are now desperately searching for new ways of dealing with the symptoms.

Scientific research shows that Calcium, Magnesium and Zinc deficiencies often cause typical “ADHD” symptoms.

Zinc: A “mood modulator”. Zinc deficiency, common among “ADHD” patients,impedes the optimal functioning of more than 300 other essential nutrients.

Copper: Vital for development and function of the central nervous system, although an excess can be toxic. Zinc- to-Copper ratio is generally low in children with hyperactivity disorders, e.g. “ADHD”.

Magnesium: Essential for all brain-based skills/tasks. Deficiency may cause reduced attention span; increased aggression and fatigue; lack of concentration; irritability; nervousness and mood swings. These often are simply ascribed to “ADHD”. Raising Magnesium levels can improve the characteristic sleep disturbance – thus improving the other symptoms.

Certain behaviour patterns can also cause these deficiencies. Children may resist following parents’ guidelines regarding daily diet. Also, they lack the attention span required to sit through a meal, thus not absorbing adequate levels of nutrition. This may be due to the appetite suppressant effects of certain treatment medications; or a whole range of other factors, including inadequate nutrition during the mother’s pregnancy, and many others.

The above is not claiming to be an exhaustive medical report. Nevertheless, this field is well worth further personal research.

At SoundWaves Health Clinic we assess -and treat – all these and other deficiencies, without drawing blood. Our Hunter Non Linear System is completely safe and non-invasive for children, teenagers and adults who suffer from “ADHD/ADD” symptoms. This is just 1 of a vast range of medical conditions to be remedied by harmless, non-chemical, “alternative” therapy.

Our Foundational Scan can identify the cause of a symptom even at chromosomal level, while analysing all body systems, organs, tumours, allergies, etc. This procedure includes our non-invasive mammogram, “pap” smear and prostate examinations.
At the bright and cheery SoundWaves Health Clinic, Charl de Villiers and his wife Anne-Marie are both passionate about helping people find the “sound pathway to sound health!”