“Frequency Therapy” – Explain the basics

Often somewhat puzzling – so let’s explain the basics.

Science has proven that everything in the universe vibrates and resonates with a distinctive sound. Every single object has a unique frequency (called “natural frequency”) … even if we can’t hear it.

A singer can break a glass by singing at a certain pitch. HOW? The frequency of that tone matches the natural frequency of the glass, shattering it.

This is exactly how Frequency Therapy works. Modern technology has expedited the classifying and cataloguing of countless frequencies of viruses, bacteria, toxins, tumours etc. Using the right equipment we can target and destroy them with these designated frequencies.

The safe, non-invasive Non-linear Scanner (NLS) used by SoundWaves Health Clinic detects changes/anomalies in the resonance of body tissue. It can even track the root cause of a condition in the chromosomes, genes or DNA – implying early detection! The scan is followed by a schedule of treatment to eliminate the problem. HOW? By using the appropriate frequencies. Remember the broken glass….?

There can be no “accidental” blasting of the wrong target. The frequencies are unique and do not run around randomly. (Just as your cell phone number only allows access to your phone, no one else’s.) Viruses, bacteria, tumours etc. can be destroyed without affecting any other organ tissue, as the applied frequencies do not match those of other objects.

At SoundWaves Health Clinic you are in the expert and extensively experienced care of Therapist Charl de Villiers, assisted by his wife Anne-Marie. The positive outcomes they witness daily fuels a passion for their work – inspiring others to discover “the alternative pathway to sound health”!

The following link demonstrates some amazing qualities of sound/frequencies: https://goo.gl/cxXBuX