Bio Resonance Frequency Therapy – based on the scientifically-proven fact

Bio Resonance Frequency Therapy identifies and eliminates the root cause of a disease or condition, whereas conventional medicine generally simply soothes symptoms. Scientific studies, medical records and video footage¹ substantiate that frequencies (sound waves) do in fact destroy pathogens – bacteria, viruses, parasites, even tumours – without endangering any part of the body system.

This safe, non-toxic method is based on the scientifically-proven fact that every pathogen has a frequency which differs from that of the body cell. Thorough research over many decades have identified the relevant frequencies to be used; therefore, applying the correct frequencies disables and destroys the pathogen.

It also stimulates a weakened immune system, enabling it to combat infection and disease. Malfunctioning organs and body systems start working normally again – healing the body. Successful treatment nevertheless depends on the following: Correct diagnosis/analysis; Systematic therapy; Observing therapeutic instructions presented by your Therapist. Control Diagnostics after a series of treatment sessions are equally vital to establish the level of success achieved.

Furthermore: Frequencies are among the most globally-acclaimed and proven ways of winning the war against cancer²

¹YouTube: Search for “Killing with frequencies” and watch numerous fascinating demonstrations.


SoundWaves Health Clinic in Gordon’s Bay offers a 2-pronged benefit. 1) Scanning and Analysis; 2) Treatment. The great advantage of our 3D Scanning system is the early detection of tumours and latent life-threatening conditions. An added bonus is that it can identify anomalies in chromosomes, DNA and genes!

This system is also excellent for children; no trauma, stress or handling involved. ADHD, for instance, is just one of the countless conditions that can be detected – and treated.