Sound Energy – Medicine of the Future

FREQUENCIES: those mysterious unseen elements present in every entity – be it human, animal, plant or rock…No exception. Even deep space reverberates with the “songs” emitted by the planets and stars!

Let’s see what Frequencies (aka sound) can do: 

1. It can modify DNA, as proven by Russian biophysicist Piotr Garjajev in 2011
2. levitate objects
3. boil water, as demonstrated by Peter Davey with his “sonic boiler”¹
4. create light
5. move faster than light²
6. kill viruses and parasites
7. destroy tumours

² Scientists demonstrated in 2007 that sound pulses can travel at velocities faster than the speed of light –

Giant technological strides since the mid-20th century have enabled the harnessing of these marvels in a variety of fields – including Frequency Medicine (also known as Bio-resonance/Energy Medicine).

This has provided a healthy, non-invasive, non-artificial alternative to conventional (chemical) medicine – based on the ONE inherent characteristic present in all objects: “RESONANT FREQUENCY” i.e. the frequency at which an object vibrates.

The frequencies at which viruses/bacteria become deactivated have been mathematically determined many decades ago. This means medical conditions can be treated by pulsing specific frequencies (sound waves) into the body, to trace and destroy microbes or any other pathogen – including tumours.

This offers hope for healing in a world where viruses/bacteria are mutating faster than new antibiotics can be developed.

The extensive range of conditions and diseases treated successfully with sound waves includes emotional issues, i.e. depression and many more. This demonstrates the inextricable bond between body and mind – the one always influences the other.

Can this type of therapy treat cancer? The answer is a resounding YES! Across the world, frequencies have proven extremely effective in the fight against cancer. The secret of its success? Frequencies are able to kill the stem cell of a cancer cell: no radiation, no chemicals, no scars, no hair loss, no side effects at all! (Of course this does NOT preclude life-saving surgery when necessary.)

Today, more and more doctors and scientists are growing excited about the seemingly inexhaustible possibilities of harnessing sound waves to improve human and animal life.
Example: Article headlined by Robert Mc Kie, Science Editor, “The Guardian”, 31 October 2015:  “High power sound waves used to blast cancer cells” confirms that the medical field is starting to appreciate this astounding source of healing. This is just 1 of countless similar findings all over the world.”

Examples for further research:

The Good News!

This Therapy is available in Gordon’s Bay at SOUNDWAVES HEALTH CLINIC (SHC), where you can be scanned and treated with truly front-line technology. The “Foundational Scan” checks your skeletal system, nerve system, vascular system, etc. including every organ – and much more!

You may ask: what about a “pap smear”; “mammogram”; or prostate check-up? ALL done with frequencies,  with NO invasion of the body.
This particular 3D Scanner is statistically recognized as one of the most accurate systems for early detection…fundamental to any life-threatening disease.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is the latest addition to SHC’s treatment arsenal, offering a unique advantage by combining the 2 types of therapy.
Cold Laser (LLLT) applies non-thermal light photons to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes.

Besides its cosmetic advantages, it’s especially useful for pain, joint and neurological problems, wounds and burns, dental issues, lymph node swelling, bone/tissue regeneration, plus many more applications. The therapeutic uses of Cold Laser are backed by numerous medical studies. (Various videos on YouTube, search for LLLT)

Charl de Villiers, Therapist in Bio resonance Medicine, has a proven track record in this field ranging over the past 2 decades. What started out as a hobby many years ago has become a full-blown passion.

He keeps abreast of new developments by continual study and is steadily working his way toward a Doctorate in Energy Medicine and Bio Resonance. Sharing his vision and enthusiasm, his wife (and co-owner) Anne-Marie sees to the smooth running of their daily schedule.

They feel truly blessed, being able to offer real hope to so many people.
As Charl likes to say: “You need sound information (pun intended!) to help you deal with your personal health choices”.

A visit to their colourful rooms on the Gordon’s Bay beach front could certainly revitalize you – in more ways than one!