FAQ’s on Remote Distance Mode

  1. During my Distance (Remote) scan/treatment, am I in contact with the therapist via my computer/phone? NO   
  2. How long does the Distance Scan take? 1 hour 
  3. How long does a Distance Treatment session take? Each session can last between 2 – 20 hours .
  4. Should I sit still or lie down during these sessions? NO
  5. Will I feel any “strange” sensations; or be aware of the frequencies? NO
  6. Can the frequencies (sound waves) affect me negatively, or harm me at all? NO
  7. Is this procedure safe for children/babies? YES
  8. Can I carry on with my daily routine while being scanned or treated? YES
  9. Do I need to take leave from my job for this? NO
  10. Is Remote Mode just as effective and accurate as In-House? YES
  11. Is it effective and safe when I’m travelling? YES
  12. Can I take my prescription meds during these procedures? YES
  13. Are Remote sessions also 1 hour long like In-House sessions? NO Remote sessions run on a different technological system using scalar waves. Each session can in fact last between 2-15 or even 20 hours, depending on the specific condition/s being treated in each session.
  14. Can I take fluids, eat, or exercise during these sessions? YES

Drinking 6-8 glasses of water on the day of your treatment is highly beneficial.

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