I was diagnosed with Acute Transverse Myelitis, a potentially fatal disease which attacks only 1 person in 1 million, during May 2011 and at that time I could not anticipate what would transpire from this illness for the next 7.5 years.

During the first few years of my illness I kept going by writing a book about the similarities between my illness and the Bride of Christ. *  I deemed it the reason for God allowing this illness, while all the time believing I would be healed. After 7 years my health had deteriorated to such an extent that I got black-outs and my family prepared for the worst.

According to the doctors a virus had attacked my spinal cord and damaged my nervous system, paralyzing me with the first onslaught.  Although I walked out of hospital after a week in hospital in 2011, I was in so much pain that I had an electronic stimulator implanted and also very strong painkillers and other medicines: some to stop the muscles from contracting; some to help my legs settle down at night; and sleeping pills to help me face the pain again the next day. Each day began with, “Father please give me strength to cope for just this one day?”

The attack on my spinal cord also had severely affected my bladder and bowel functions, causing many embarrassing experiences.  Many times, I was admitted to hospital with severe infection of the nervous pathways, which caused the pain to run out of control. These attacks left me extremely nauseous and dehydrated. The total payments from my medical insurance during the 7 years were more than 5 million Namibian dollars. I sold my book-keeping firm and tried to recover on our farm. I could not do much, being constantly in pain and suffering from severe fatigue and nausea.

One day I sent my finger nails (sample of my DNA) to SoundWaves Health Clinic in Gordon’s Bay, so that they could do a full “remote” body scan on me. A day or 2 later Charl de Villiers had an hour internet consultation with me to discuss the results of this scan. From the beginning something had been puzzling him regarding my diagnosis. He suspected that I might have had a stroke in my back in 2011, which made sense to me with my family’s history of weak veins. I could not believe it when Charl informed me that spinal cord infarction (stroke in one’s back) often mimics acute transverse myelitis!

It is just amazing what story one’s DNA can tell.

In May 2018, on the way to the airport of Namibia for my 1st appointment with SoundWaves Health Clinic, I told my husband that this was the last try. If this didn’t work, we had to prepare for the worst. I was at the end of my strength and it was only my faith that kept me going. Proverbs 18:14 “The spirit of a man sustains him in sickness but as for a broken spirit, who can bear it?”

Charl treated me with sound waves (frequencies) for 2 weeks in 10 1-hour in-house sessions, and 10 remote sessions. At the beginning of June, I returned to Namibia a whole new person.  All the bacteria, parasites, viruses and other invaders of my body that caused the nausea and sick feelings had been killed with sound waves! The danger signs of diabetes were confronted by the new nutritional program. The aneurysm at the entrance to my aorta, which caused the severe fatigue, was healed with sound wave treatment. Many other little things were also healed or repaired.

Though I immediately stopped using the sleeping pills when I arrived back home, it took some time to wean myself off the rest, especially the pain medicine.

During September 2018 I went on a trip to Israel where I celebrated my healing with a baptism in the Jordan River.  On my return, after 7.5 years of pain, I was completely weaned from the pain medicine! My nervous system is not yet fully repaired, and I still feel a burning sensation  – most  probably the scars of the stroke in my back.

However, I am handling the pain without medicine, and with faith and strength from above I have my life back and I am healthy. All honor to Father Who has used Charl and Anne-Marie as instruments in my healing!

Laurika du Plessis – Author of:

*Hy noem my …… Sara (March 2001)

*Called to be……  Hephzivah (Sept. 2015)

*Editor-in – Chief of “HEAL”, monthly newspaper of “Heal the Land Ministries”

*Author of “ZARA” – monthly journal