We now have a wonderful added bonus, enabling us to help even more people along the pathway to better health! So often people can’t visit our consulting rooms because they live too far away; are too ill or frail; can’t afford travelling expenses etc.

But ever since we’ve acquired our newest highly sophisticated system, it has opened up a whole new avenue for us to help anyone who, for whatever reason, can’t visit us in person.

The beauty of this method is that it allows you the freedom to do anything you want – while being scanned or treated! You may work, relax, exercise, watch a movie etc. In short, you can carry on with your daily life without interruption.

You don’t need to lie down or sit still during this session (unless you want to of course..)  You don’t need to take time off from work or dip into your sick leave.

What’s more, it saves you travelling and other expenses. All you have to do is send us your nail clippings to be scanned and/or treated!

How is this possible?

Modern physics call it “quantum entanglement.”  This merely means the following:  if any part of a single organism is removed from that organism to a different location, any action performed on that part will also be performed instantaneously on its source, and vice versa.

For example: your nails are part of a single organism – you. So the frequencies transmitted to your nails are instantly transmitted to you – and only you, wherever you are in the world – because of the unique identifier present in every cell of your body: your DNA. We could use a few strands of hair, or even blood …but nails are the most convenient medium.

How exactly does Remote Mode work? 

Your DNA consists of 2 strands coiled round each other to form a double helix. This acts as an antenna, capable of transmitting and receiving encoded information. During a scan/treatment our frequency generator transmits the designated frequencies not only to your DNA sample (i.e. nail clippings) but also instantly to the source of that DNA:  you.

To illustrate this process, let’s take a cell phone as example.  Today’s satellite technology enables us to make calls all over the world. But you need to punch in the correct digits precisely, or else you will not reach the person you want to contact.

In the same way, the designated frequencies pulsed into the sample of nail clippings will not go wandering off to just anybody, because they can only search out the source of that DNA sample – and nothing else.

This type of scan/treatment has been thoroughly tested over many months, comparing in-house sessions with those done by remote. The results have proven consistently identical.

No borders can stop these frequencies. In fact, we have been using this method all over South Africa and abroad, i.e.






UK, etc.

We are utterly delighted by the way this has opened up new avenues to help more people who are battling tough health issues.

Please contact us if you would like to know more about this.